Amada Madonna Wallet MX -EN.

Wallet MX – EN

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Purchases through the bank are now more attractive.

Get 2% cashback.

When making purchases through bank transfers or bank deposits, you can get 2% cashback as a balance in Amada Madonna Wallet MX - EN.

Amada Madonna Wallet MX -EN.

What is Amada Madonna Wallet MX - EN?

It is an electronic money program included in Amada Madonna Store MX - EN, designed to make the payment method through the bank more attractive.

Benefits when making new purchases through the bank.

Each of  your purchases can be rewarded with a percentage in electronic money  in Amada Madonna Store MX -EN; corresponding to the total amount of the purchase, for each purchase made through the bank as a means of payment, such as wire transfers or bank deposits.


When you are making a purchase, the store will automatically notify you of the electronic money you will receive when the status of your purchases is complete.

Where do I see my balance?

In the top menu of the store you will see an icon of a wallet with the corresponding balance, you can touch or click there to go to that section.

Protection plan.

Refunds and guarantee.

Depending on the product or service, it is possible to include a protection service (at an additional cost). For example, if you buy this protection program and in case you have any problem that makes you not satisfied, then you can request a refund.

Amada Madonna Wallet MX -EN.

The plan has been designed so as not to unprotect purchases through the bank.

Many credit cards from Mastercard, Visa or American Express offer protection services for purchases, this is wonderful; however,  we also understand our clients who prefer more traditional options when making payments , such as wire transfer or deposit bank. Therefore, it is for them that we have designed this protection plan.

The refund will be applied directly and only to your "Amada Madonna Store Wallet MX - EN" account as an electronic money balance, under the applicable Terms and Conditions.

Once again we indicate that it is important that you consult the participating products and services that apply for this program, the information is directly in the product or service file in the Amada Madonna Store MX - EN store.

Frequent questions.